Hear The Hilarious Story Behind Tyler Posey's Terrifying Broken Toe Instagram Pic

"Let me show you. It's disgusting!"

Tyler Posey is not a shy man. He is not a quiet man. He is not a man lacking in jump-around, shake-it-out, have-a-damn-good-time-at-all-times enthusiasm. That's why we love him.

If for some reason you needed any proof of what makes Tyler tick, just check out the (NSFW) Vine he posted on MTV's account in the early, early morning hours on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con.

And, hey, sometimes that zest for life results in bodily injury. Or, more specifically, a broken toe. To wit:

At least we think that's a toe. The "Teen Wolf" star says it's a toe. So we'll go with toe.

In case there were any confusion, though, Tyler was more than happy to show it off for us during MTV's live stream, explaining how he sustained the injury while cartwheeling into the "Teen Wolf" panel in Hall H.

"Let me show you," he said. "It's disgusting!"

Get well soon, buddy - we're pulling for you!

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