Justin Bieber Quit Instagram Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

RIP Biebs’s Instagram 2011 - 2016

Weeks after calling for “less hate, more love” in an enigmatic Instagram video, Justin Bieber has decided he just can’t take the hate.

The pop singer and boy wonder has deleted his Instagram after days of being barraged by angry comments from Selena Gomez fans and Jelena shippers.

The reason for all the aggression? Bieber had the nerve to post photos of himself with a girl who wasn’t Selena — namely, Lionel Richie’s daughter, Sofia Richie, whom Bieber is likely dating given how many pics they’ve taken of each other lately.

Gomez’s fans just weren’t having this new romance. A series of screenshots also implied that Bieber and his ex were having at it in the comments of his photos (images shared to fan sites show them mutually accusing each other of cheating while they were together). But in a sea of half a million comments, it’s pretty hard to verify anything celebs supposedly say to each other — and anyway, isn’t the preferred method of shade-slinging taking a screencap of a hastily written iOS note?

Still, dozens of sites reported the unverifiable interactions as though they had seen the shots fired themselves, and the heat just kept piling on in Bieber’s comments section. For what it’s worth, Gomez did seem to own up to saying something to her ex — she posted a snap in the early hours of the morning reading, “What I said was selfish and pointless.”

It might be too little too late. Bieber’s wiped his Insta from the web — no more grainy black-and-white selfies, no more complaining about fans, no more butt pics in nature. Great job, everyone. You ruined one of the few joys 2016 had left.

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