The Blink-182 Feud Is Getting Seriously Weird -- Now Mark Hoppus Confirmed There Was Talk Of Booting Travis

Don't hold your breath, it sounds like they're never, ever getting back together.

We're going to assume that we've seen the last of Mark, Tom and Travis on stage as Blink-182 at this point. Because on Tuesday night, Mark stopped being polite and got really real.

To refresh your memory: On Monday, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker said they were going to perform at the upcoming Musink Tat Fest in March without founding member Tom DeLonge because Tom had quit Blink, again. Then, Tom posted a note saying he was shocked by the news and had never quit and then reportedly posted (and deleted) a tweet claiming that he and Hoppus were thinking about firing Travis at one point.

"[For the 2013] Australian tour in January, Travis obviously didn’t go on that tour because he didn’t feel comfortable flying, which was a possibility that we had known about from day one," Hoppus told Alternative Press on Tuesday. "When we agreed to do the tour of Australia Travis said, 'I will do everything in my power to get back on an airplane, but if it gets to the day and I’m not ready to go, we need a back-up plan.' As it [came] closer to the time, Travis called me and Tom and said, 'I’m not ready yet, I don’t think I’m going to be able to make the flight. We should go with a back-up drummer.' With Travis’ blessing we enlisted Brooks Wackerman and completed the tour."



Hoppus said Barker, who survived a deadly plane crash in 2008 in which he was severely injured, got into a Twitter battle with that tour's promoter, who accused the drummer of never intending to travel to Australia for the gigs.

"After the tour, Tom was very upset about being put in that situation on tour, where people were threatening to sue, the promoter was angry and everything else," Hoppus said, noting he was never serious about tossing Barker out. "But he was really just blowing off steam. We got back from tour and Tom was having these calls where he was talking about 'can we replace Travis, can we do whatever,' but it was really just Tom blowing off steam." Mark said a month later DeLonge called and said he'd had a change of heart and "of course I don't want to kick Travis out of the band."

The bottom line seems to be that this latest skirmish might be the last one.

"It’s weird to me, it’s weird to Travis. I think honestly, from everything we’ve heard from Tom’s manager and from what Tom has done—and is not doing even more so—Tom doesn’t want to be in Blink," Hoppus said. "It’s obvious. That’s fine. But it’s so confusing to get emails from people saying, 'Tom’s out indefinitely, Tom’s not going to do these things, Tom doesn’t want to record, doesn’t want to tour, doesn’t want to do anything,' and then at the same time say, [adopts shocked tone] 'I never quit the band. I just said I wasn’t ever going to do anything again.'"

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