Lorde Becomes First Female Artist To Win Best Rock Video VMA

She's officially a VMA Royal.

Lorde became VMA royalty tonight.

The 16-year-old star won the VMA for Best Rock Video for "Royals," becoming the first female artist ever to win in the category, and beating out 3-time winners Linkin Park, as well as Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys, and The Black Keys.

Lorde's song and video became ingrained in pop culture last year, with its stark closeups and visions of suburbia matching the stark tone of Lorde's hit song.

Lorde accepted the award dressed in her signature all-black outfit, and couldn't help but laughing.

"Is there like a specific place I'm supposed to be looking?" Lorde asked as she tried to find the words to accept the award. "This is super crazy and I'm super grateful."

She went on to thank her high school classmates who appeared in the video, and even her cursing during the speech came off as charming. "Sorry for swearing!" Lorde apologized.

Lorde was the only female nominated in the category, and the first one to win in the award's history.

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