Familiar Territory: 'Teen Mom OG''s Catelynn And Tyler Face The Battle Of Addiction

The couple helped their best friend get out of jail during tonight's episode

Catelynn and Tyler have sadly dealt with loved ones suffering from addiction and subsequent arrests -- including Tyler's father Butch and sister April, as well as Catelynn's mom April. And during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, the couple found themselves back in familiar territory when they learned that their dear friend Ashley (who served as Tyler's "best woman" at their wedding) was in jail stemming from the aforementioned issue.

"Can you come and bail me out?" an upset Ashley asked Cate over the phone, while telling her pal that she was "probably going away for a minute."

Some background: Ashley had struggled with drug addiction and felony probation. And even though she was sober, there was a warrant out for her arrest for missing a drug test. The conversation was cut short before Ashley could finish -- but she did relay that bond was $3,000, but it would be $300 if a bondsman was involved. April, who was with Cate when she received the call, was once at the same facility as Ashley (following a drunk driving incident), and she slept on the floor with a roll of toilet paper as a pillow.

Catelynn worried that Tyler was "not going to be happy about this" -- and he wasn't.


"It's just, here we are," a resigned Tyler stated.

But Cate said her heart was telling her that she needed to get Ashley, but she wanted the money back.

Ultimately, Tyler went alone to get Ashley the follow evening -- and Ashley revealed that she was "expecting the worst but hoping for the best" regarding her future court date. Ashley apologized to Tyler and thanked him (and Cate), but the young dad explained he is all too familiar with this cycle of supporting addicts.

"Loving someone with it is so hard because an addict feels these things and emotions and hardships, and they get to go get high," Ty said. "But the people that they have to manipulate and suck off of like a leech to get them to be able to do that, that to me is so hard."

Ashley will move in with the Baltierras -- and wait for a future court date to learn her fate. How will she adjust to living with Catelynn, Tyler, Nova and Vaeda? And what will a judge ultimately decide? Keep watching Teen Mom OG on Tuesdays at 8/7c. And if you or someone you know is struggling emotionally, head to for ways to get help.

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