9 Reasons House Parties Are The Place To Be On New Year's Eve

Stick to your comfort zone when the rest of the world is stepping out of theirs.

Ringing in the New Year is always more stressful than it should be, and every year you resolve to celebrate under less stressful circumstances. And yet every year you find yourself coping with the same unfulfilled, unreasonable expectations. Ultimately, you feel like like you drop the ball every time the ball drops.

Here's the thing: you totally have the option of keeping it simple and going with what you know this year. Ultimately what it comes down to is finding a friendly and familiar setting. Even if it's technically an apartment, here's why house parties are the place to be this NYE.

It saves money


Face it, going to a bar on New Year's Eve is like throwing money into the ocean. If you're not of age, going to a concert can feel like a comparable financial experience. Either way, everything costs more than normal and having $300-plus worth of fun is a lot of work.

There's probably going to be a place to sit down


Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a million years old to enjoy sitting down. House parties leave a variety of options for this, whereas other New Year's venues don't. Worst case scenario, it's way less gross to sit on the floor in a trusted friend's apartment. After all, there might even be a dog down there.

And maybe lie down


Any house party can turn into a slumber party when you need it and plan ahead. If you're planning on having a long day before New Year's Eve, partying all night might feel more stressful than enjoyable -- but that doesn't mean you want to stay home alone. House parties give you the best of both worlds, with the option to crash or keep celebrating.

You can wear whatever you want


Going all out for such an event sometimes means going all out with what you wear. Depending on what that is, it might not be the most comfortable or weather appropriate, and you probably don't have a contingency plan. But at house parties, as long as you're clothed, anything is really appropriate. You can wear anything from a sequined New Year's dress to a comfy pajama onsie to a bed sheet and still have a place to stash your coat. Plus, you'll have a friend to loan you a change of clothes if you spill and/or realize that being the only person in a toga is embarrassing.

There's less pressure to drink


Whether you're not old enough or you just choose not to, the reality is that not everyone drinks and that's totally cool. Nights like New Year's Eve are often associated with alcohol consumption, but that's by no means a condition for having a good time. Celebrating outside of a bar can make for a more comfortable situation for everyone involved, regardless of what's in their cup.

You know (almost) everyone there


You're all for meeting new people, but sometimes it helps to have mutual friends around to assure you they're cool and not creeps. If you're going to kiss a stranger at midnight, at least let it be with a person who comes with a recommendation.

Everyone knows what they're getting themselves into


Anything can happen on New Year's Eve, and unfortunately that's not always a good thing. By welcoming the familiarity of hanging out at a friend's place, you're decreasing almost all of these variables. Everyone involved knows that if they can have fun there on a Tuesday night, they can have fun there any night.

You have more control over the situation


If it gets hot, open a window. If it gets loud, turn down the music. If it gets weird, go home. House parties are one of the only places where you're not locked in by expectations and circumstances on New Year's Eve. Instead, you can change both things as you go.

Anyone can throw one


Don't have plans for New Year's? Be the house party you want to see in the world. It doesn't take much other than a little bit of notice and a few pals hoping to bring in 2016 without the hassle. You'll be a much-needed hero in your social circle and enter 2016 with all the good vibes.

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