When Snooki Met Jionni: Revisiting The Couple's First Hookup

It all started at -- where else? -- Karma.

Anyone up for a trip down Memory Lane?

As we get psyched for the fourth season of "Snooki & JWOWW," the scheduling Gods at MTV are blessing us with a "Jersey Shore" marathon all day on Wednesday -- from 8:30am to 4pm -- leading up to the premiere. Naturally, this includes that glorious Season 3 episode where Snooki met Jionni for the first time ever.

The summer of 2010 in Seaside Heights was a wild one, indeed: Those were the days when trips to Karma and booze-fueled blackouts went hand-in-hand, and this particular season was what shall forever be known as Snooki's "summer of hookups."

Truth be told, the guidette's hookup with Jionni started out as nothin' special. After a drunken dance-off at Karma, the duo retreated to the smush room, where Jionni offered a much nicer version of "Say my name, Bitch!" In between slobbery smooches, he whispered, "Say my name...You don't remember, do you?" Always quick with an answer, Snooki replied, "I'll call you Bernard."


The "little Mario Brother" didn't seem to mind, even going the extra mile -- and proving he was super-sweet -- by expressing concern for Nicole's hazy state, despite her preoccupation with "getting it in." And he was so smitten with her, all monikers aside, the two were officially dating (and noshing on pickle pancakes like all couples do) just a couple of months later.

We all know what followed nearly four years later: a Snionni engagement and two totally adorable babies. But right now, you can relive the beginnings of Snooki and Jionni's relationship by watching the clip below. And be sure to catch even more of their happily-ever-after this Wednesday during the season premiere of "Snooki & JWOWW."

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