Rob Dyrdek Checks Out Some Freaky Felines On 'Ridiculousness' [Sneak Peek]


Cats may be worshiped by old ladies and the Internet alike, but Rob Dyrdek is wise to their weirdness, and knows that underneath those fuzzy exteriors, all cats are monster creeps just waiting for a chance to let their freak flags fly. In this "Ridiculousnesssneak peek, Rob shows us a clip reel teeming with creepy kitties, and exposes the furballs for the out of control nutcases they are.

"Cats do crazy stuff, man," guest Carmen Electra says, as "Cats Are Weird" begins to roll. Then, the gang tries to figure out what makes these allegedly domesticated beasts scream at windows, slam bathroom doors and generally do really strange s**t all the time. When a particularly zen kitty is shown enjoying a vacuum rubdown, the always on-point Chanel has the following to say: "That's obviously not a good vacuum. It's not even sucking the cat up!" Never change, girl.

Check out the clip to see all the ways these feisty felines get their rocks off, and tune in for so much more "Ridiculousness," Thursday night at 10/9c!

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