Chris Martin Made This Coldplay Fan’s Proposal Super Awkward


Over the weekend, one Australian man bravely decided to propose to his girlfriend in front of an audience of over 50,000 and members of Coldplay. The pressure was on, but ultimately, he didn’t have to worry about screwing up. Because Chris Martin took care of that instead.

Midway through the band’s A Head Full Of Dreams tour stop in Melbourne, Martin stopped the show and pulled a man and woman onstage. “I’m a sucker for this shit, I can’t say no,” he said into the mic, proclaiming, “Let’s get married up in here!” Only problem? He pulled the wrong woman onstage, and when he realized his mistake, he hilariously asked her, “What the fuck are you doing here?!” Oh, and then he made it even more awkward by asking if there were “any takers” in the crowd for her. Womp womp.

Anyway, when the right woman finally got onstage, her boyfriend emotionally declared her love for her, she said yes, and Martin played them off with “A Sky Full of Stars” as confetti rained down on them. You could say Martin’s excitement gets the best of him during other people’s life-defining moments, but don’t ever say he’s not a romantic dude.

Watch the hilariously botched proposal go down below.

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