The Cop Who Violently Dragged A Teen From Her Chair Has Been Suspended

Also: Congress reaches budget deal and REI is skipping Black Friday to get some fresh air.

A Teacher Called For Backup To Remove The Student From The Room

Richland County Sheriff's Deputy Ben Fields has been placed on administrative leave after a video showing him violently yanking a female high school student out of her chair went viral Monday night. The incident at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina, began when a teacher asked the student to leave the room and when she refused, the teacher called Fields for assistance. On the leaked cell video of the incident, Fields -- who is white -- asks the student -- who is black -- to get up, "or I'm going to make you." When she stays put, he tries to pull her from the desk and she falls backwards, at which point he drags her violently across the room as students and a teacher look on. The unnamed teen was charged with disturbing schools and released to her parent's custody.

Surprise! Congress Reached A Budget Deal Before The Deadline

In a rare show of unity, the White House and Congressional Republicans have reportedly reached a tentative two-year federal budget deal that raises the debt ceiling and will avoid a government shutdown. According to The Hill, the deal will raise spending caps by $112 billion for the next two years, with funds equally divided between defense and non defense spending. A vote could come as early as Wednesday.

It's Getting So Hot Over There

Global temperatures are rising so quickly that it will, literally, be too hot to even go outside in the Persian Gulf within the next century. According to a new study in Nature Climate Change, by the year 2011 countries including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and the UAE could see average summer temperatures of around 113 degrees. Add in humidity and the heat indexes could climb north of 165 degrees, which is pretty much a no-go for humans. Researchers said the temps will turn the region into a place where "climate change, in the absence of significant migration, is likely to severely impact human habitability."

Quick Take: According to a report titled "Parents Behind Bars: What Happens to Their Children?," 1 in 14 children have at least one parent behind bars, which can lead to low self-esteem as well as poor mental and physical health. The report in Child Trends found that more than five million children are impacted, with the number rising to 1 in 9 parents incarcerated for black children and poor children three times more likely to have a parent locked up.

Just Go Outside! Outdoor sporting good retailer REI is skipping Black Friday this year for the first time, closing its 143 stores on the blockbuster shopping day after Thanksgiving and telling people to just go outside and get some fresh air. So if you see #OptOutside next month, let people know where you're hiking instead of sprinting and pushing that kid out of the way to get to that below zero sleeping bag.