'True Blood' Return For Sophie-Anne Possible, Says Evan Rachel Wood

When MTV News caught up with Evan recently to discuss the DVD release of period drama "The Conspirator," we snuck in a "True Blood" question and asked if fans have really seen the last of Sophie-Anne.

"There’s always a chance on that show," she said. "[The showrunners] have not given me the final, like, 'You’re gone,' so I don’t know. I don’t know," she added, which in my opinion, is a very good sign that we might see her again via flashback or something supernatural-y. "I had so much fun on that show," she said. "[Sophie-Anne] was hilarious to play. It’s super-fun."

Evan went on to say that although she definitely remains a fan of the hit HBO show, she hasn't had time to catch up on all the drama going down in Bon Temps.

"I haven’t turned on my TV in a really long time," she said. "I’ve been working, so I’m not caught up on the show and people keep giving stuff away, and I keep getting upset." (Don't worry, we didn't ruin anything for her. I am obsessively anti-spoiler!)

How might Sophie-Anne make a return to "True Blood"? Do you want to see her back in Bon Temps? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!