Who Are Kendall And Kylie Jenner Hanging Out With? Check This Handy Guide!

From Justin Bieber to Jordyn Woods, we make sense of the Jenners' complicated web of friendships.

Kendall Jenner went on what looked like a date with Justin Bieber this week, which was confusing considering the singer was just on a relaxing retreat with longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez. You may have been as baffled as I was.

But we shouldn't be surprised about Kendall's connection to JB. Really, Justin is just one of the Jenners' rich-kid gang in Los Angeles, which includes Kylie's bestie Anastasia Karanikolaou (who's also friends with Justin's gal-pal Chantal Jeffries) and a bevy of young celebs.

Yep, keeping up with the Jenners is complicated, so we made an infographic -- be sure to click it -- of what I think their web of friendships look like. Then use our detailed key below to help you make sense of it all.

[image src="wp-attachment://1951499" title="Kylie and Kendall Jenner's circle of friends" alt="Kylie and Kendall Jenner's circle of friends"]

Most of the people in their inner circle all hang out together -- Stas, Shamari Maurice, Telana Lynum, Hailey Baldwin, Jordyn Woods and the crew. If you remember, Moises Arias was the older guy Willow Smith was lying on a bed with. Her brother Jaden was dating Kylie for a while, but rumors say she is linked to Tyga now.

The folks on the outer ring don't always chill together, but they're all good friends of Kylie and Kendall. Though, now that French Montana is no longer a couple with big sis Khloe Kardashian, the rapper probably isn't in their circle anymore. Also, it may be safe to say that Selena doesn't reside in their web of friendship anymore. The singer broke off their BFF-dom shortly after Justin and Kylie were seen together. And now that he's going out to dinner with Kendall, we're not sure about where they stand.

Here's a closer look at the Jenner BFFs:

Name: Anastasia Karanikolaou

Age: 17

Instagram: @stassiebaby

Anastasia (everyone calls her Stas) is Kylie's best friend and is close with Shamari and Jordyn. Austin Mahone sang to her once onstage, and Mahomies got mad at her.

Name: Jordyn Woods

Age: 17

Instagram: @jordynwoods

Jordyn's hilarious and has been friends with the Jenners and the Smiths for a long time. She's a big proponent of the selfie.

Name: Telana Lynum

Age: 18

Instagram: @telana11

Telana was a child actor and is trying to jumpstart her singing career. Her song "Gemini" has an alt-R&B Jhene Aiko vibe with an equally intriguing video.

Name: Shamari Maurice

Age: 18

Instagram: @shammaurice

Shamari loves Kendall and Kylie, has awesome green hair, loves to cuddle and has funny tweets.

Name: Willow Smith

Age: 13

Don't let her age fool you -- Willy fits in perfectly with the Jenner crew. She and her brother Jaden went to Coachella with the Jenner sibs and hang out as a foursome. Willow released "Trophy V6" with Jaden on Wednesday, and continues to roll out music on her SoundCloud.

Name: Jaden Smith

Age: 16

Jaden and Kylie were a couple for a while, but apparently not anymore... which is confusing since he just tweeted this. Jaden is prepping his Cool Tape Vol. 2.

Name: HaileyBaldwin

Age: 17

Instagram: @haileybaldwin

A member of the Baldwin family, Hailey is a model, just like Kendall. She's walked for TopShop and designed for Brandy Melville.

Name: Gigi Hadid

Age: 19

Instagram: @gigihadid

Gigi, also a model, dated Cody Simpson -- which you may think is awkward if you remember that Cody and Kylie were once BF/GF. But Gigi and the Jenners are getting closer by the minute. She was just partying with Justin Bieber, Kris, Kim and Kendall at Paris Fashion Week.

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