Three Artists To Check Out Today Who Aren't Lana, J. Lo Or Sam Smith

Squeeze in Cakes Da Killa, MØ, and Low Concept. Trust us.

After enduring the simultaneous June 17 releases of Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence, Jennifer Lopez's A.K.A., and MTV Artist To Watch Sam Smith's In The Lonely Hour, I kinda feel like the music-listening equivalent of the foie gras industry's fattest force-fed goose. But in, like, a good way, you know? I live for the gavage, obviously.

To ensure that your ears survive today's triple-pronged assault, how about we turn our attention to three other artists, each with an offering worthy of all that praise and more. Here's Jersey-based rapper and Hard Core-era Lil' Kim's kid brother Cakes Da Killa, Danish electropop artist and experienced ponytail-owner, and the legendary transatlantic DJ team-up that is Low Concept.

1.) Cakes Da Killa -- "Living Gud, Eating Gud"

Worth more than just a mention on some 2012 trend piece about queer rappers, Cakes Da Killa is a talent not to be slept on. And thank god, he knows that better than anyone, if the lyrics to "Living Gud, Eating Gud" are any indication: "No matter which way you spin it most of y'all n----s is gimmicks/ I'm like a lyrical menace just so we're clear on the difference."

The Joe Lalich-produced track is a taste of what we can expect when Cakes drops new mixtape HUNGER PANGS on Wednesday. Who runs this f--king club? Ummmmmmm, still this guy.

2.) MØ -- "Walk This Way"

Easily the greatest of Danes at the moment (#MICDROP), singer-songwriter MØ navigates supremely catchy pop hooks over a landscape of ambient electropop, resulting in a sound that both the pop kids and the alt kids can "YASSS!" over.

Speaking of which, watch the new(ish) video for No Mythologies To Follow's "Walk This Way" that MØ released last Friday in collaboration with i-D. The Emile Rafael-directed clip sees her leading a pack of extremely intimidating VFILES interns down the halls of a high school, all the while looking extremely #fashun. And no, you can't sit with them.

[gdm_video source="youtube" video_id="mHWr4WY9o24" url=""]

3.) Low Concept -- "Girlfriend (Original Mix)"

On Tuesday, electronic music label Sound Pellegrino released a new compilation, titled SND.PE VOL.03: RAW CLUB MATERIAL. Not to play favorites, but I'm going to play favorites: You have to check out Low Concept's "Girlfriend (Original Mix)." Maybe I'm still mourning my way-too-short stopover in Berlin a few weeks ago, but I'm falling hard for this one.

FYI, Low Concept is the union of New Jersey-area Physical Therapy (of "Drone On" fame) and Helsinki/Berlin-based Renaissance Man. I think I speak for everyone when I say, MORE PLZ.

+ Listen to Low Concept's "Girlfriend (Original Mix)."

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