Get To Know somegirlnamedanna In Diaristic New 'Hello I Am' Video

The rising bedroom-pop artist is just 'just some girl with blood on my hands from trying to love the world'

Her moniker is somegirlnamedanna (pronounced, as her run-on jumble of a name suggests, as "some girl named Anna"), but her song "Hello I Am" sounds like about 50 Annas, harmonizing and layering their voices together into a mechanized panoply of introductions. "Hello, I am just some girl named Anna," she sings not quite two minutes in. And then it's over.

As far as debut statements go, "Hello I Am" is quite utilitarian for this new artist who's being billed as just a young gal from "a small town in Minnesota," someone who grew up away from the daily churn of social media and TV — though her Instagram-ready handle of a name suggests she knows a few things about how the whole thing works now. You can see it in the accompanying "Hello I Am" "official visualizer," too, where she delivers the song over hand-scrawled notebook lyrics and doodles.

"You wanna know who I am? I'm just some girl with blood on my hands from trying to love the world," she sings, backed up by additional digital version of herself. All of them are on display in the clip, plastered in front of scribbles of robots and sheets of loose-leaf paper filled with earnest declarations of self.

"Hello I Am" has all the trappings of bedroom pop, and somegirlnamedanna fits neatly as a descendant of Billie Eilish, Clairo, and even someone like James Blake. She might not have had access to too many screens, but she definitely had a radio, as this snippet of her covering Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" proves.

Get to know some girl named Anna, as somegirlnamedanna, in the "Hello I Am" video above. Her debut EP is due out sometime later in 2020.

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