Morgan Visconti's 'Can't Say Goodbye' Gets Uber Spacey With Gareth Williams Remix

It might not come as a surprise that the remix to singer-songwriter Morgan Visconti’s single “Can’t Say Goodbye” is even spacier than the original.

After all, the artist’s famed father Tony Visconti produced David Bowie’s Space Oddity, among other releases, including this year’s The Next Day. The biggest lesson he learned from his dad? “Work with people who are talented. Align with musicians as good as or better than yourself" -- which is why for the remix, he tapped his longtime collaborator and producer Gareth Williams, whose resume includes co-founding Human Music and Sound Design and scoring commercials for Nike, Google, Adidas and XBox.

“With his sound design skills and his ability to really stretch the audio to its limits, he disassembled this straightforward electro-ballad and turned into a film soundtrack,” Visconti said of the remix. “Parts of it remind me of the film 'Gravity.' It's like looking at my own song through a portal to another dimension."

As for the rest of the artist’s debut album Ride -- which comes out next year -- according to Visconti, it will have a darker vibe.

“I think it holds together as a pop album. but there are definitely moments where it's more cinematic and brooding. There are a couple of instrumentals on it ('Low' in particular has my sister, Jessica Lee Morgan overdubbed in an apocalyptic choir) but most of it is written kinda like my diary. It's got an electronica feel for the most part, but there's always a little bit of something else -- some string quartet, wonky old upright piano, children's choir.”