Consciously Coupling: MTV's Most Envy-Inducing Lovebirds Of 2014

From Scira to Jatty, these duos showed us the meaning of true love.

While watching MTV this year, we used an entire box of tissues to wipe our tears, desperately tried to catch our breath during a few shockers and felt some MAJOR feels -- courtesy of some precious pairings. Oh, love.

Between a longtime "Teen Mom" twosome and some no-doubt "Awkward" pals, all types of couples have made us exclaim "awwwww" at our small screens. Take a look at the most envy-inducing amorous duos, and be sure to share your thoughts on your favorites below!

Catelynn and Tyler from "Teen Mom"


The high school sweethearts have endured a lot during their nine-year romance, but they ultimately found their happily ever after. 2015 will surely be a special year for the lovebirds: TyLynn are anxiously awaiting their daughter's arrival in January!

Nany and Cohutta from "The Challenge: Free Agents"


For starters, they got "engaged" in Uruguay, then he asked her to go to prom. Melting yet? When we last saw the competitors, Nanhutta made things official at the "Free Agents" reunion.

Scott and Kira from "Teen Wolf"

Our favorite Alpha was able to move on from the tragic loss of his longtime love Alison Argent...and into the arms of the badass Kitsune. Sure, it took them a bit of time to communicate their feelings (who could forget that uncomfortable hallway kiss?) but eventually, Scira linked up -- and helped save Beacon Hills from the dreaded Benefactor.

Nicole and Jionni from "Snooki & JWOWW"



Here come the LaValles! The longtime duo had a banner year: Not only did Snionni tie the knot during an extravagant Gatsby-themed wedding, but they became a family of four with the birth of Baby Giovanna.

Jenna and Matty from "Awkward"

Sure, Jatty hooked up with a bunch of other people during their senior year -- Eva, Gabby, Luke and Owen -- but the friends always managed to find a way back to each other. When we last saw the Palos Hills students, the athletic hunk was pining over the blogger during their spring break rendezvous -- so a reconciliation (for the 19312903903098312890123 time) may be in store for the on-again, off-again-too-many-times-to-count couple.

Amber and Ethan from "Are You the One?"

Not only did the perfect match find love during Season 1 of the hit dating series, but the hunky Colorado native got down on one knee and asked for the Texas beauty's hand in marriage at the reunion special. And the exciting milestones just kept coming: They're now Mr. and Mrs. Diamond, and the couple will be parents to a baby girl any day now!

Max and Taylor from "Finding Carter"

The unequivocal nice guy was the smartypants' first boyfriend -- and her first time. But after a tragic shooting left Max in the hospital, he decided to end things with his supportive partner -- and we bid a tearful farewell to Maxlor.

Karma and Amy from "Faking It"

The Hester High pals' plan was a simple one: They'd pretend to be a lesbian couple so they could become popular and, in Karma's case, date the hottest guy in school, Liam. But the scheme went horribly wrong after Amy realized her true feelings for Karma, professed her affections only to be rejected, and then hit the sheets with the hunky artist. Ultimately, Amy and Liam came clean to Karma about their indiscretion, and the blond cutie moved on from the sprightly brunette and landed a new GF, Reagan. But it remains to be seen if Karmy will be able to fully recover -- and go back to the way things used to be.

Jenni and Roger from "Snooki & JWOWW"

The "Jersey" pair had a life-changing 2014: RogWoww welcomed their beautiful "angel baby" Meilani. And Roger officially turned into quite the endearing mushball over both of his lovely ladies.