Katy Perry Just Got Trolled So Hard - By Her Own Dad

Burning Man BURN.

On Sunday, Katy Perry showed the world that she is not a naturally-gifted Segway rider. While partying it up at Burning Man, Perry tried to show off her moves and failed. Miserably. She wore this glasses and face mask combo that looked like something out of "Mad Max: Fury Road," and, well, we covered her first embarrassment already.

But the "Segway Shame" isn't over yet.

The "Roar" singer uploaded a video on Monday (Sept. 7) of her dad Keith Hudson literally running circles around her in the Segway category. While Perry could barely stand up straight on hers, Keith was able to do his spins one-handed.

"Thanks dad ?" Perry captioned.

Keith pokes fun at his daughter, asking her if she "needs any lessons," while spinning in circles like a MF boss. Let's look at it in GIF form because why not?

Katy Perry / Instagram

Katy Perry'

(You might recall that when Perry tried spinning in circles, things didn't end too well. Womp womp.)

Katy Perry / Instagram

Katy Perry

Moral of the story? Sorry, Katy. You may be a pop superstar sensation, but you're never too old to be embarrassed by your dad.