Britney Spears Just Made Her Snapchat Debut

‘It’s great because it makes you feel pretty!’

Britney Spears has expanded her social media reign into a very important domain: Snapchat.

"A little late on Snapchat," the performer posted alongside a video on Twitter. "My kids showed me last week. It's great because it makes you feel pretty!"

That video shows her sticking out her tongue as if activating a filter, but there's no filter to be seen. Britney just likes sticking out her tongue on camera.

An earlier video shows Britney using the mouse filter and talking excitedly (in a mouse voice) about how she ran into some surprise snow in Nevada's Red Rock Canyon.

What will this new window into Britney's life show us next? Whatever it is, it's probably going to be more revealing than that movie coming out.