Louis Tomlinson Wants You To Know He's 'Just Like You' On Rainy New Song

'It's the guy from the one band / Cigarette in my left hand / Whole world in my right hand'

Over the summer, Louis Tomlinson told MTV News that he was working on a full solo album inspired by the bands he loved growing up, specifically Arctic Monkeys and Oasis. And while that influence wasn't immediately apparent on his electronic-tinged debut single "Back to You," it shines through on "Just Like You," which dropped early Thursday morning (October 12).

The music stays firm in the pop realm, but this time, there are guitars! Or at least the approximation of a guitar sound that runs throughout the rainy single, where Tomlinson sings, "I'm just like you / Even though my problems look nothing like yours do."

In fact, the entire premise of "Just Like You" is that hey, he's just a normal guy. He just happens to be, as a former One Direction member, one of the most famous 25-year-olds on the planet. Tomlinson's opening lyrics set a particular visual in line with the images of his musical heroes: a young man, smoking, at the cusp of the rest of his life.

It's the guy from the one band
Cigarette in my left hand
Whole world in my right hand
25 and it's all planned
Night out and it's 10 grand
Headlines that I can't stand

Tomlinson revealed on Twitter that he wrote "Just Like You" a few months ago and convinced his label to release it ahead of his scheduled next single. He also called it one of his favorites from his upcoming new album: "Conceptually I think it's sums me up!" he said.

Watch Tomlinson discuss his influences in the MTV News video below.

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