Taylor Swift 'Absolutely Traumatized' By Justin Bieber's 'Punk'd'

Singer rules out revenge on Justin after he made her believe she had ruined a couple's wedding day.

On the season premiere of [article id="1682164"]"Punk'd" on March 29[/article], Justin Bieber had some fun pulling pranks on his pals Sean Kingston, Rob Dyrdek, Miley Cyrus and [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist].

Swift's punk was particularly memorable, as the singer was left in tears after Bieber made her believe she ruined a wedding. The premise: Bieber and his pal, Ryan Good, talked her into launching off a special firecracker that was sent to them. That firecracker launched off farther than they could have expected and set a boat on fire. That boat had a wedding party on it. And, Swift believed she ruined a couple's big day. Of course, she hadn't.

When CMT Insider asked if she would ever get back at him by, say, flour-bombing, she replied, "No, I'm not gonna do that to somebody! I love Justin. I would never do that to him and I'm not really that girl that's like, 'I'm gonna get him! I'm gonna get him back!' ... cause he's too smart. I'd never be able to punk him. Like, he'd figure it out, then turn the tables on me and then it would be Justin: two, Taylor: zero."

All eyes were on Swift throughout the specially designed prank, eyes that she later learned included the youngest members of the First Family when she caught up with Sasha and Malia at the Kids' Choice Awards. "They told me they saw the 'Punk'd' episode, so now I know they've seen me absolutely traumatized and terrified, so that was good."

Did you catch the premiere of "Punk'd"? What was your favorite prank? Leave your comment below!

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