11 Signs 'Pretty Little Liars' And 'Scream Queens' Are The Same Show

Have you ever noticed the Chanels are just like the PLLs?

From the very first episode of "Scream Queens," it was apparent that Ryan Murphy's satirical slasher ripped a few pages from Marlene King's pretty little book of lies and plot twists. "Scream Queens" is the b--chy older cousin of "Pretty Little Liars," with plot twists we didn't see coming, murder, mayhem, a central mystery with a masked murderer, steamy romantic entanglements, hot teachers, pretty boys who do nothing, etc.

Here are all the ways in which "Pretty Little Liars" and "Scream Queens" are the same damn show:

The Chanels vs. The Liars


"Scream Queens" and "Pretty Little Liars" both follow a core group of four girls. The Chanels sit at the top of Wallace College's social hierarchy while the PLLs are at the center of all the gossip in Rosewood. Similar to "Pretty Little Liars," "Scream Queens" is a female ensemble story that ultimately is about sisterhood.

Both shows kick the patriarchy in the butt.


In "Scream Queens," the Chanels quite literally kicked the patriarchy's ass when Chanel No. 6 (Lea Michele) was approached by a rude -- and rather handsy -- frat boy, and Chanel (Emma Roberts), Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourde) and Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin) all came to her defense. When you mess with one Chanel, you mess with them all. The same goes for the Liars. Though not quite as literal, the PLLs -- Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria -- are constantly being failed by the men around them, forcing them to band together and protect themselves.

There's a central mystery.


The Red Devil killer(s) are the Big Bads eliminating Kappas on campus, while "A" was the masked enigmatic baddie of "PLL" for six -- yes six -- seasons. Like the PLLs' hoodied tormentor, the Red Devil killers love leaving their ominous messages in blood. "A," like the Red Devils, also had a team behind her. Oh, and who could ever forget "PLL"'s Red Coat mystery? On shows like "PLL" and "Scream Queens," everyone is a suspect.

The fashion is on point.

Scream Queens

OK, so maybe the Chanels have a more sophisticated fashion closet, but the clothing on "Pretty Little Liars" is just as exciting. Half the fun of watching an episode of "PLL" is seeing what ridiculous thing Aria is going to wear next! The same can honestly be said for Chanel No. 3.

The funerals are outrageous.


"Pretty Little Liars" and "Scream Queens" both have a penchant for murdering teenagers. The plus side of that, of course, is fabulous funerals. "PLL" averages about one funeral per season, and usually, that's where all the drama happens. For example, at Mona's funeral, not only were there floral leis for everyone (so festive!), but Mona's mom also slapped Ali right across the face. There's no better entertainment than a Rosewood funeral. Meanwhile, on "Scream Queens," Chanel's funeral for the ill-fated Chanel No. 2 (Ariana Grande) was all glitz and glamour, complete with a bright pink casket and more than a few personal attacks on Chanel No. 2's moral character.

The boys are pretty much useless.


We love Chad Radwell. Seriously. He's one of our favorite parts of the show. But to be completely honest, he and the Dickie Dollar Scholars are useless to the Kappas. In fact, when they show up, things only manage to get worse. The same goes with the boys of "PLL." Aside from Caleb -- AKA the most perfect guy in the whole entire world -- the rest of the fellas are all just handsome filler. Not that we're complaining or anything...

The police are also pretty useless.


The Rosewood PD are laughable. If they're not crooked cops, then they're cops who have absolutely no idea what they're doing. (Or, if they're like Officer Lorenzo and Detective Holbrook, they like to hook up with underage girls, which is NOT OK.) There's a reason it took the PLLs six seasons to tell any sort of ~responsible~ adult figure about "A." Over on "Scream Queens," the cops are even more useless. The only "police" figure on the Wallace campus is a feisty security guard named Denise -- and while she's passionate about her work, she's not about to be of any real help.

They don't dwell.


"Pretty Little Liars" never dwells on one plotline for very long -- remember when Ezra was "A"? LOL -- unless, of course, you want to know who "A" is. Then, you’d have better luck communicating with the dead. "Scream Queens," like any good Ryan Murphy show, is very similar. It's a fast-paced slasher that doesn’t spend a lot of time building up its characters but is enjoyable nonetheless because of its insane plot twists and memorable one-liners.

Fake deaths.


"Pretty Little Liars" has no shortage of characters who have faked their own deaths. We thought Ali DiLaurentis was dead for five seasons until she showed up alive and well in New York City. The same can be said for Mona Vanderwaal, whose "death" rocked Rosewood -- and indicted Ali and Hanna on murder charges -- until it was revealed that "A" had kidnapped Mona. However, it was always Mona's plan to fake her death and run away from Rosewood. On "Scream Queens," Nick Jonas' character Boone faked his death and ran away with the Red Devil killer at the end of the second episode.

Creepy student-teacher relationships.


"PLL" gave us Ezria -- Aria and her english teacher, Ezra Fitz -- which is still a problematic fave among shippers. Meanwhile, on "Scream Queens," we learned that Dean Munsch's husband had an affair with Kappa Kappa Tau sister, Feather McCarthy. Oh, and let's not forget that Chad slept with both Dean Munsch and Denise. At least on "Scream Queens," these compromising relationships are legal. It must be an unwritten rule that on a high school show, at least one character must be hot for teacher.

Stupid decisions.


Both series have their fair share of moments that make us want to pull our hair out. Characters make questionable decisions, whether it's the PLLs chasing after murder suspects in the woods after dark or the sisters of KKT willingly walking into the House on Shady Lane, we’re constantly screaming at our TVs in the hopes that it will knock some sense into these characters.

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