Superfruit Play Gay, Bey Or Nay: Watch

In celebration of the Pentatonix sub-duo's love for Queen B, MTV News put the guys to the ultimate test with a Beyoncé inspired version of the game F***, Marry, Kill.

After they covered the entirety of Beyonce, Pentatonix's Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying -- the guys behind the YouTube channel Superfruit -- received a ton of praise, but there's one critique in particular that really struck a chord: Beyoncé herself.

"She posted on her Facebook, 'Mitch and Scott are flawless,' which is basically my life dream," Mitch told MTV News when asked if they'd received any feedback from Bey herself. "It's on my twitter bio: 'Beyoncé called me flawless,' it's going to be on my résumé."

In celebration of the duo's love for the Queen B (and her admiration for them), MTV News had the guys play a Beyoncé-inspired version of "F--k, Marry, Kill," titled "Gay, Bey or Nay." They had to plaster those three labels on three different choices, like celebrities or TV shows.

Although some of the rounds were easier for the pair than others, nothing stumped them as badly as when given the names Lohanthony, Tyler Oakley and Grace Helbig: three of their fellow YouTube contributors.

"To preface this, we're obsessed with all three of those people," Scott said.

"I can't 'Nay' any of them," Mitch agreed.

Want to learn Superfruit's picks? You'll have to watch the video above. And make sure to let us know whether you agree with the guys' choices by sounding off in the comments below!

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