Kanye West Confirms Adidas Deal After Anti-Nike Rant

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By Maurice Bobb

Nike just learned a tough lesson about dealing with creatives like Kanye West. Don’t want to give ‘Ye royalties for his incredibly popular Air Yeezy sneaker line, because he’s not a professional athlete? Ok, Yeezus walks…right on over to their biggest competitor, Adidas, to ink a new deal.

"I start turning up in the BBC interview and they say cool, we’re gonna give you a bigger sandbox to play in,” Kanye told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez Monday. “The old me might have taken this Nike deal because I just love Nike so much. But the new me with a daughter takes the Adidas deal because I have royalties and I have to provide for my daughter."

While the “I Am A God” rapper did admit to the folks at Swoosh offering to give him a two collection deal that would give him the creative control he demanded in ranting interviews, he was more focused on looking ahead to being “bigger than Wal-Mart” and his designation as the “Tupac of product.”

"I brought back that feeling you ain't never felt about a shoe since the Jordans,” he said. “I put that feeling, that same feeling I put in College Dropout, in Graduation.”

Yeezy once rapped on “New God Flow” that the “Yeezy’s jumped over the Jumpman.” Now, everyone in the sneaker world will see if he can actually back up his braggadocio and become the same level of “business, man” as his big brother Jay Z.

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