Harry Styles Explains How Experimenting With Fashion Made Him 'Feel More Comfortable' In His Skin

'Going on stage in a nuts suit with a bunch of sequins makes you feel good'

Diehard fans of Harry Styles can attest to the fact that his post-One Direction career has been full of floral Gucci suits and pussy bow blouses. And in a new interview with Dazed to discuss Gucci’s new Mémoire d'une Odeur fragrance campaign, the "Sign of the Times" crooner got real about his style evolution and how experimenting with fashion has allowed him to feel more comfortable in his own skin.

"I love the clothes," Styles told the outlet. "That helps a lot. Just going on stage in a nuts suit with a bunch of sequins makes you feel good, and then you want to play." Not to mention, he's developed a real appreciation for flared pants. "I had never really done flares before. And it was really fun. I just kind of started wearing more and more of it, and at the same time just becoming a lot more comfortable in myself."

But beyond simply feeling good, Styles believes that fashion is an essential part of any performance, noting several musical icons who've strengthened their public personas through their personal style. "I used to wear all black all of the time,” he said. "But I was realising [dressing up] was a part of the show, if you will. Especially when performing. So, I think [for] the people I have always admired and looked up to in music, clothes have always been a big part of the thing. Like Bowie, Elvis Presley. It's always been part of the thing."

But similar to his clothing, Style likes to wear a fragrance that is both expressive and gender fluid, which is why he agreed to be part of Gucci's latest campaign. "It transcends gender," he said of the perfume, which he described as "floral, clean, not heavy." "I really like wearing it because it's [Gucci's] first universal fragrance." In fact, he said he likes it so much that he even wears it to sleep. "I like a fragrance that has some emotion behind it. The triggering of memories from smell is really strong for everyone. My mother has always worn the same perfume. It smells like roman candles and jasmine. So like anytime I smell it, I feel like a kid again. I feel like everyone has those."

Overall, this collaboration with Gucci further proves that Styles is always searching for new ways to express himself, and he largely credits that to the people he surrounds himself with. "I definitely feel lucky to be in a group of people, working-wise, and friend-wise, where they are very free-thinking. Everyone is open to be themselves and it's made me feel me feel more comfortable to try different things and have a bit more fun." Is it possible to love him any more than we already do? The answer is no.