Walt Disney Would Be Proud Of This 'Pitch Perfect' Star’s Childhood Halloween Costume

Ben Platt’s outfit is a total game changer

Every Halloween season, celebrities’ throwback costume pics are must-haves. They give glimpses of Kourtney Kardashian dressed as a clown, Taylor Swift “as a yellow pregnant alien,” and so on.

This year, it’s Pitch Perfect and Dear Evan Hansen star Ben Platt’s turn to make us laugh at his aca-mazing #TBT pic. Platt shared his childhood costume Thursday (October 27), and it’s everything and more. BB Platt definitely had the magic in him, even way back when. (Sorry.)

A towheaded Platt, sporting a classic ’90s bowl cut, went as the lead from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs — because who says only girls can dress up as Snow White? Platt pulls off the costume perfectly, especially with that half-eaten apple he’s holding. Now that’s dedication to the craft.

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