Is Drake Rapping About Rihanna On 'Days In The East?' 4 Hints That He Might Be

Drake seems to have Rihanna on the brain, listen to his new song and decide for yourself.

Drake had a couple things to say to Jay Z on his "Draft Day" freestyle, and on his new slow jam "Days in the East," it sure sounds like he's got Rihanna on the brain.

Drizzy released the track, co-produced by PARTYNEXTDOOR and 40, on his OVO Blog early Thursday morning (April 4). It's not the first time (and likely not the last time) that we'll hear him griping about his relationships on wax, but a few lines seem to be written with Rihanna in mind.

The song opens with him wondering why the girl he's currently with, wants to question him about other women, and while this could be referring to anyone, there are a few suggestive lines.

In the song he includes background vocals pulled directly from Rihanna's song "Stay."

While he doesn't sing it himself, the line, "I threw my hands in the air and said show me something," is clearly audible.

Elsewhere he raps, "Ain't the first time cause I've lost you before/Had to get it back." Drake's brief romance with Rihanna has been well-publicized, and though he's maintained that they're just friends, they've been spending plenty of time together in Europe recently while he wrapped up his tour.

They were spotted in Amsterdam and London together just last month, so it only fuels speculation when he spits, "Take a flight here, pop a Xan for the boy/Waking up in Amsterdam with the boy."

And if you follow Rihanna on Instagram, you've certainly see her post photos of the freebies she receives from brands like Chanel. So one more line that might be directed at her is, "F--k them h--s, you got the award already/You go to Chanel and get rewards already."

If anyone has the real answers here, it's probably Erykah Badu. Apparently she invited Drizzy over for tea so they could have deep conversations about love.

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