Actually, Solange Didn't Delete Beyonce From Her Instagram

Pretty hurts, but lying about the Knowles sisters kills.

That elevator video of Solange, Jay Z, and Beyoncé -- maybe you've seen it? Well, allow me to put on my sensible myth-buster's pantsuit, because there are some beyond questionable non-truths circling around this story that need debunking.

Maybe you've seen a headline like "Solange Purged Beyoncé From Her Instagram" or "This Appears to Be the Only Photo of Beyoncé Left on Solange’s Instagram" tweeted and retweeted throughout your social-media circles?

Well, I traced the story back to its origin: SheKnows, which reported on Monday that the "Losing You" songstress had been "deleting all traces of her sister" in response to the fallout. Their proof? The following photo, purportedly the only one of Beyoncé that remains.

Or so they claimed. A quick moderately time-consuming scroll through Solange's feed reveals that there are at least two more photos of her big sis left untouched.

Maybe more! Whatever! So what! Who cares! #FredArmisenAsJoyBeharVoice

The point is that there is more than one photo of Bey on Solange's Instagram, which contradicts the story as it has been reported and re-reported and re-re-reported ad nauseum on Tuesday (May 13).

Besides, as someone who has literally been paid to check Solange's Instagram every morning for the past WHO EVEN KNOWS (thanks for the college education, Mom and Dad!), I can honestly say that until the Met Gala, the "Pretty Hurts" singer rarely, if ever, figured into her little sister's feed. The fact that none of these sources even recognized Beyoncé in the other two photos I found should tell you how up to date they are on their Knowles-sister knowledge.

That said, hat tip to BuzzFeed for producing a screenshot of one photo that has mysteriously disappeared from Solange's Instagram. Still, unless more evidence surfaces, let's close this case. I'm totally open to being proven wrong, but first...

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