The One Thing You Need To Know Before Picking Up Amy Poehler's Book

It's really heavy.

The first thing you'll notice about comedian Amy Poehler's new collection of non-fiction essays, "Yes Please," when it hits shelves tomorrow (October 28) might be its neon pink title typeface or its declarative nature. But it won't be long before you notice a certain soreness in your biceps.

Poehler's book is a heavy hitter, both figuratively -- like her namesake organization, Poehler is certainly a Smart Girl At the Party, with advice to match -- and literally.

The book, bound of glossy pages much thicker than standard paper, and clocking in at 329 pages not including acknowledgments, is hefty, to say the least.

In fact, it weighs in excess of two pounds, which doesn't seem like that much, but is far heavier than the tomes of Poehler's contemporaries, Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey (whom Poehler refers to as her "comedy wife" in the book, aww), Lena Dunham and more.

We know this because we checked.

And trust us, you'll know this after holding it for more than 30 seconds. "A mere book is no match for the likes of me," you think. "You must have little noodle arms," you scoff. You remove one hand to turn a page, supporting the full weight of the book in one hand: "They're right," you weep.

Check out our chart below comparing the weight of recent non-fiction essay collections from several smart women and get to lifting, brah.

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