What Does Gigi Hadid Think Of Cody Simpson’s ‘New Problems’ Song?

He's got 99 problems, and Gigi ain't one.

Cody Simpson isn't the only one with "New Problems." On Tuesday (March 3), not long after the pop star dropped the video for the song, I realized mine is that I'm obsessed with this track.

Not that that's a bad problem to have.

Simpson released the video for his new single, a catchy midtempo catchy track that sounds like John Mayer-meets-Jack Johnson. And it's all about breaking up and moving on ... to "new girls, new problems."

Oh and if you're wondering, this song is 100 percent about his girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Cody recently told MTV News that the song was inspired by "the time that Gigi and I broke up for a couple of months."

With lyrics like, "I got 99 problems but you ain't one anymore/ 'Cause I got a new girl, with some new damn problems," we had to ask how the cover model reacted to hearing it. But Cody swore to MTV News that Gigi was "OK with it."

I took his word for it, since the couple are very much back on. But also who can blame her for turning down the chance to make a cameo in the clip, which features Cody dealing with lots of girls and lots of relationship drama.

The "Surfboard" singer is gearing up to release his latest effort, Free, which was co-produced by Cisco Adler and marks the first time Simpson will release music as an independent artist.

“For a lot of people, it’s the first they are ever going to hear from me and that’s what’s relieving to me,” he told us recently. “I have a fresh start. And now having turned 18 and this symbolic age of independence and a new phase of my life, it feels like the very first album I’ve ever done, and it feels like the first song I’ve ever released. It feels very new, very fresh and I feel very enthusiastic.”

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