The Crisis Is Over -- Greece And Eurozone Leaders Avoid Doom With Deal

Also: Gov. Scott Walker running for prez, Malala opens school for girls.

Marathon Talks In Brussels End With Third Bailout Deal

Everyone is hoping the third time is a charm for Greece. After a marathon 17 hour session in Brussels on Sunday, Greek negotiators and Eurozone leaders reached a third bailout deal that will keep Greece from being the first country forced out of the euro currency union. Greece’s parliament has to pass the austerity reforms agreed upon by Wednesday which, include raising taxes, cuts to some pension benefits and streamlining the economy in order to get the $95 billion bailout package rolled out over the next three years to help the nation’s banks rebuild and get government debt paid off. It’s still not clear when Greece’s banks will re-open and some Greeks woke up Monday morning (July 13) wondering if the final deal was even worse than the one creditors had been offering just five months ago.

Beloved Nintendo President Iwata Dead

The man who gave the world the DS and Wii, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, has died at age 55 after a battle with a bile duct growth. Renowned programmer Iwata started out working on games like "Balloon Fight" and worked his way up to the president’s seat in 2002, during which he oversaw the roll-out of the pioneering Wii system, as well as the Gamecube and portable DS. He was only the fourth president in the company’s history, and first one outside of the founding Yamauchi family. He was also a beloved presence on Nintendo Direct broadcasts and his "Iwata Asks" interview series with programmers.

'El Chapo' Escape Spawns Tons Of Memes

The most notorious drug lord on the planet, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, escaped from a maximum security prison over the weekend using a secret hatch in his cell’s shower that led to a mile-long tunnel that had lighting, ventilation and rails for a motorcycle. It’s the second time Guzman has busted out and it immediately spawned a bunch of memes about the slippery nature of the drug lord who also escaped a maximum security prison in 2001 and whose 2014 capture was hailed as a huge blow to his massive drug empire.

Wisconsin Governor Walker Joins Pres. Race

Scott Walker made it official on Monday: he’s running for president too. The Wisconsin Gov. best known for taking on labor unions in his state, is expected to make a formal announcement later in the day, which would make him the 15th declared Republican candidate in a field that could still add a few more players in the next month. Walker has high name recognition and his strong record as a conservative in a traditionally blue state (where he survived a recall vote in 2012), not to mention his Evangelical roots, have consistently put him near the top of the polls alongside former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

Malala Celebrates 18th Birthday In School

Nobel Peace laureate Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 18th birthday on Sunday by opening a secondary school for Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. The school will serve more than 200 Syrian girls between the ages of 14-18 and help them get their baccalaureate or vocational degrees intended to help them find work and jobs after graduation.