Nickelodeon's 'All That' Inspired This Famous Actress To Get Into The Biz

And look how far she's come.

On Monday, "Girls" star Lena Dunham had an epiphany, a pretty big epiphany. She finally realized the root of her desire to work in the entertainment industry, and her answer will make '90s kids happy.

Considering how her HBO show is about as far away from "All That" as you can get, we're kind of surprised the "SNL for kids" show inspired her. But, it was a phenomenal show (that's coming back to TV!) so we can totally understand why that's what sparked her career in showbiz.

And because the internet is a magical, magical place, the creator of "All That," Dan Schneider, tweeted at Dunham, inviting her to guest-star on his new show "Game Shakers."

...Which then prompted star Kel Mitchell to also invite her to join them on the show.

Unfortunately, Dunham hasn't responded about the offer (at least publicly) on Twitter yet, but fingers crossed she'll say yes. Who knows? We might even have some kind of "Girls" crossover, although I have zero idea how that'd even work.


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