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Miley Cyrus' 'Sex And The City 2' Cameo Was 'Exciting For Us,' Says Star Kim Cattrall

We've been teased plenty about Miley Cyrus' cameo in "Sex and the City 2," and Kim Cattrall, who stars in the scene with the starlet, was happy to give MTV new her first hand opinion. In the movie -- spoiler alert! -- Miley and Kim's Samantha Jones create a fashion showdown when they both show up to a premiere for Smith Jerrod's (Jason Lewis) new film wearing the same dress.

"She flew in, and she was literally there for, like, three or four hours," Kim recalled to MTV News. "So then she was gone again. It was like this teen queen landed, and then she blasted off, because she's of a certain age, and she can only work certain hours. And, of course, we were there until 4 in the morning."

Miley's presence on set may have been short, but Kim says she was very professional. "It was a fun scene to do, and she was up for it," she said. "She was very sweet, and she was so excited by the fact that she was a part of this, and that was exciting for us. I mean, all of our guest stars — Liza Minnelli, Penélope Cruz and Miley — it really adds a couple more sparkles."

Are you excited to see Miley take on Samantha in "SATC 2"?