23 Times Felicity Smoak Was The Real Superhero Of 'Arrow'

Wait... you thought Oliver Queen was saving this city?

We love us some Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), but — when it comes to saving the day on "Arrow" — the green-hooded archer has nothing on tech goddess Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards).

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In addition to hacking into "impossible" databases, writing programs to blow bad guys' phones up remotely, and working full-time, Felicity manages to find the mental energy to keep Team Arrow from falling apart. (OK, Diggle definitely helps, too.)

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Felicity got a lot of crap last season for crying a lot. But, the way I see it, she was the strongest one on the team. She refused to ignore her emotions, while still getting stuff done. While Oliver — and other masculine-type heroes — often fall into the Emotions=Weakness Trope Trap, Felicity knows the value of confronting one's emotions head on.

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This doesn't take away from her also knowing the value of hacking into the A.R.G.U.S. database. These two things aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, if you get good at the whole dealing with and expressing your emotions thing, you might even get better at everything else. #ProTip

In honor of the "Arrow" season 4 premiere and the wonder that is Felicity Megan Smoak, here are 23 times Felicity saved the day on "Arrow" in so many different ways...

Felicity figures out why Deadshot is killing businessmen.

And figures out where the next attack will take place. This is one of many early season 1 episodes that sees Felicity giving Oliver and Diggle a vital piece of information that allows them to get one step ahead of their current nemesis. Seriously, what would Oliver do without Felicity?

Felicity hacks into Blackhawk's security flash drive.

In which Oliver promises Felicity red wine for her trouble, and doesn't deliver on it for more than a year. #BadFutureBoyfriend

Felicity links Moira to The Undertaking.

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Sure, this was a major downer for Oliver, but it was also a BIG piece of The Undertaking Puzzle.

Felicity prevents Oliver from bleeding out.

This is the time when Felicity literally saved Oliver's life by driving him to the lair, and helping Diggle patch up his bullet wound.

Felicity challenges Team Arrow to be better.

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"Um, how about we don't torture and/or kill everyone we meet?" — Felicity Smoak, paraphrased

Felicity accesses confidential medical records.

This type of work might not seem too glamorous, especially given that Felicity does it ALL OF THE TIME on "Arrow," speeding up the team's investigations considerably (and, most likely, preventing Oliver from torturing someone for information).

But can we talk about how, in this instance, Oliver is just hanging out with an Ethernet cable, waiting for Felicity to show up?

Felicity asks Diggle to come back to the team.

"You know, Felicity, Oliver and I don't need a relationship counselor." "That hasn't been my experience." ?

Felicity goes undercover at Alonzo's casino.

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Sometimes, Felicity pulls more traditional superhero duty and goes on mission. Because she is a team player.

Felicity refuses to abandon The Glades during The Undertaking.

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Yeah, Team Arrow TOTALLY could have stopped the half of The Undertaking they did without Felicity.

Felicity demonstrates her own brand of interrogation.

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Who needs arrows when you have access to people's bank accounts?

Felicity saves Sara's life, and takes out Tockman.

Not only does Felicity take a freaking bullet for Sara, but she rigs up a program that uses his own tech virus against him. Extra points: she's seriously worried that she might have killed him.

Felicity tells Oliver the truth about Thea's parentage.

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...Even though Moira threatened her and totally played on her abandonment issues. But Felicity's emotional health is too strong for Moira's mind games. Fact: If Felicity's emotional health took corporeal form, then it could do an infinite number of salmon ladder runs.

Felicity stands tall in the face of deadly assassins.

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class of 09

One of the coolest things about Felicity? She knows how intelligent and competent she is. She might not know 52 different ways to kill someone, but that she still has immense value in this fight. And she won't let anyone, not even The League of Assassins, doubt that.

Felicity believes in Oliver.

Felicity is more than just her ability to inspire Oliver, but this skill is still an impressive one. The fact that she is not only able to keep her head when the city is falling apart and the lives of her loved ones are in danger, but to remind Oliver what they're all fighting for is one of her superpowers.

Felicity takes down Slade.

Stab super-villain Slade, Killer of Moiras, with a dose of mirakuru? NBD.

Felicity takes down her ex-boyfriend.

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Ugh. Cooper was THE WORST.

Felicity stares down Malcolm Merlyn.

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Which super-villain is Felicity scheduled to stare down today? It's getting hard to keep track.

Felicity explains to Oliver that things have changed since he left.

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Season 3 was rough, man, but was pretty impressive for the ways in which Team Arrow refused to fall back into line upon Oliver's return. Dude made some questionable decisions. Felicity's not going to shy away from that just because she's in love with the man.

Felicity keeps Team Arrow warm.

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I like to think Felicity has blankets stashed anywhere Team Arrow might go, ready to hand out at a moment's notice. #BlanketPower

Felicity comforts Thea.

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These two, tho.

Felicity thinks she takes down a baddie with her tablet.

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Ten out of ten League of Assassin members agree: Felicity's most effective superpower is her delightful snark. And her boundless optimism. Ten out of ten League of Assassin members agree they're tied.

Felicity asks Oliver to fight to live.

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This is really basic stuff, Oliver.

Felicity dons Ray's super-suit to save Oliver's life.

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Oh, is this suit an important part of comic book canon? Felicity is too busy trying to solve seemingly impossible problems to worry about that sort of thing. After all, someone has to save this city.