Kanye West Kept His Promise -- He Fixed 'Wolves'

Well, he changed it. You decide if it's fixed.

Almost immediately upon the release of The Life of Pablo last month, Kanye West assured us that he wasn't finished; there was still tinkering to be done. He pointed, specifically, to a song that, in one form or another, had already been out for a year.

"Ima fix wolves," he promised back on Valentine's Day, just hours after the album had been released, via a stream on Tidal.

Now, a month later, after what he says was three weeks of work, he's made good on that commitment.

The latest version is reminiscent of the first iteration of "Wolves" that we heard during a Saturday Night Live performance in February 2015. Both Vic Mensa and Sia have returned to the track -- they performed their parts with 'Ye that night, but didn't appear on the initial streaming version -- while Frank Ocean's epilogue to close the song has been removed. Instead, Kanye has added an entirely new song to the album, called "Frank's Track," which now appears after "Wolves."

You can head over to Tidal to stream the album, which may or may not have more changes on the way.

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