Nick Carter Denies Abusing Paris Hilton

Bruises on the hotel heiress sparked accusations in NYC tabloids.

Although Paris Hilton has not publicly accused anyone of hurting her, former boyfriend Nick Carter has denied rumors that he abused her.

The Backstreet Boy said the rumors -- which stem from reports in the New York Post and the New York Daily News that quoted unnamed friends of Hilton's speaking on her behalf -- are categorically false.

"If they need the media attention, let them do their thing," Carter said in a statement Tuesday. "My family, friends and fans know that this is not my character and I would never hurt someone that I cared for or do anything like the malicious things they are claiming."

Marty Singer, Carter's attorney, told MTV News that Hilton's bruises stemmed from a photo shoot with Rolling Stone (see [article id="1489881"]"Lawyer: S&M Photos, Not Nick Carter, Caused Paris' Bruises"[/article]). Hilton's rep would not disclose where her client's bruises came from but denied that they occurred during the photo shoot. She had no comment when asked if any charges would be pressed.

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