Justin Bieber Uses Worst Pick-Up Line Ever In 'Confident' Video: Watch Now

Chance the Rapper features on Bieber's slow-jam.

Justin Bieber is lucky he's cute, because his pick-up skills could use some work.

The Biebs sets his sights on a pretty blonde in the music video for "Confident," which debuted Wednesday (January 29) on BET's "106 and Park," but she's playing a little hard to get. When the pop star tries to score her digits, he's told "you're gonna need to try harder than that." Skip to 1:47 to learn how not to ask for a phone number. (And yes, we looked up the snack in question and apparently it'll make your mouth "happier than a cat getting an infinite supply of catnip.")

Here's a tip, JB: that 'stache probably isn't doing you any favors. But hey, if at first you don't succeed...

Bieber and his entourage of backup dancers then follow his ladylove down some dimly lit streets until it all culminates in a hot and sweaty nightclub scene. Somewhere in between, Chance the Rapper spits his verse against a backdrop of neon lights.

Bieber re-teams with his "All That Matters" director Colin Tilley on the clip (Niko Wiesenet is also credited), explaining the similarly moody aesthetic.

Bieber's latest video comes amid a bit of a career crisis for the singer. Just last week, he was arrested in Miami under suspicion of DUI, driving without a license and resisting arrest. Just hours before the video premiered on Wednesday, Bieber pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Also on Wednesday, the singer turned himself in to Toronto police to face charges in connection with an alleged assault on a limousine driver in December.

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