Jhené Aiko Flirts To Her Heart's Content In 'Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.)'

Miguel and Future join her on the amorous new track

Jhené Aiko is all about some good flirtatious vibes in "Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.)," her new video for the track about having some spontaneous fun and not worrying about what other people think. Glasses clink and blush-worthy conversations happen at a chill shindig where Miguel and Future, who are featured on the song, are also in attendance, enjoying the uplifting energy. Jhené makes her way around the party without a care in the world; her grin is proof that we should all aspire to be this content.

Chances are that if you're in a soirée that's bumping Jhené's misty music, it's the place you need to be that night. Jhené and her lucky partygoers watch performers spin fire around on their fingers while playing card games, sipping from blue cups, and slowly body rolling to the slow-churning beat. A party like this feels like it's out of a dream. Jhené slowly slinks across the various rooms and sparks up conversations with guys who look as interested in her as she is in them. Instead of lingering for more than a minute though, she continues on her trek, destined to see the rest of the selection that the party offers.

She does a lot more than Future and Miguel, who'd rather just see who they can flirt with from the comfort of one of the place's many couches. Future hides behind his thick shades so we can't tell who he's looking at. His mischievous grin is all the proof that we need that he's found who he's about to ask for their number.

The party continues on into the night as the video ends — nothing but blushing smiles, slick dance moves, and carefree living. It's in line with the song's message about just doing what you want, making that move on someone and not worrying about what anyone else is thinking — chances are, that person you're thinking about is thinking about you too. Hopefully, as everyone heads home, each of the three artists has scored their equal share of numbers.

"Happiness (H.O.E.)" is set to appear on Jhené's forthcoming album, Chilombo, that's set to drop on March 6. The LP will also feature "None of Your Concern," "Triggered," and more.

Jhené also recently revealed that she's going on a trek to support the LP. The Magic Hour Tour kicks off on May 1 in Boston and wraps up at the Saint Kitts Music Festival on June 27. Check out its dates below.

Take a look at Jhené's confident and flirty new video for "Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.)," up above.

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