Father John Misty Turns A Cruise Into Fodder For His 'Novel' Jam

If you were a passenger on S.S. Coachella, you’ll recall several days of Father John Misty performances. From his main slot to a daytime acoustic set, an impromptu karaoke session with Har Mar Superstar--which quickly spread across the Internet-- and nightly cameos in the dining hall, the technicolor folk eccentric a.k.a. Josh Tillman was inescapable on the ship. (Not that we didn’t enjoy it. Tillman definitely livened up the awkwardly formal atmosphere.) Turns out, Tillman was constantly running around the ship, in part, because he was filming scenes for his new video on the sly.

The clip for “I’m Writing a Novel,” which appears on excellent album Fear Fun, is a collage of moments from S.S. Coachella –including that memorable karaoke session with Har Mar Superstar to “I Believe I Can Fly”—as well as shots from L.A., where Tillman is based. It’s an appropriately tongue-in-cheek visual counterpart with Tillman and his fiancé Emma driving a hearse, donning colonial garb, and visiting a shooting range. We wouldn’t expect any less.

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