At Least Your Morning Commute Wasn't As Bad As Getting Stuck Behind A Frozen 2 Musical In L.A. Traffic

This edition of Crosswalk the Musical is all about the new Disney sequel

Drivers in Los Angeles were treated to an impromptu performance of some of Frozen 2's biggest hits, thanks to James Corden.

In Corden's wacky Crosswalk the Musical segment, the host and the cast of the new Disney smash scrambled to put together a veritable musical right in the middle of a busy L.A. crosswalk, hence the title.

In the hilarious clip, Corden first insists that Idina Menzel (dressed as Elsa for the first time, by the way) makes way for Corden to play the snow queen instead. Kristen Bell takes on her Anna costume, Josh Gad gets to be Olaf, and everyone looks absolutely fantastic.

The props have to be seen to be believed, with Kristen and James standing on a rotating door prop singing "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" with Idina clad in a reindeer outfit. The next thing you know, they're kicking cotton snowman props down the street to get to their next location as fast as they can.

Later, James is dressed as a snowflake so that Idina, Elsa herself, can finally take on the role she was meant to. This, of course, among drivers stuck behind this singing and dancing spectacle that, while awesome, probably irritated a lot of drivers antsy to get to work that day. Seriously, the cuts to their reaction shots have to be seen to be believed.

While this production was certainly wacky enough, Corden just filmed another Crosswalk the Musical segment that looks to be a genuine hoot, too: a fun, fruity performance of "Watermelon Sugar" right in front of drivers. It looks like it went over pretty well with drivers on their commute, too. It will likely air next week, given that it was setting social media alight recently.

Meanwhile, you can catch Frozen 2 in theaters starting on Friday, November 22. It's finally time!

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