O Music Awards Kick Off With 50 Bands Over 24 Hours: Watch It Now!

Tune in as Jonas Brothers we kick off 'Live Music Day' with Hanson, Kat Dahlia, Kate Nash and more on starting at 7 p.m. ET.

Ever wanted an awards show 24-hour drumming marathon, performances from your favorite artists and the wackiest awards? Look no further; the O Music Awards are HERE!

Watch the live stream at for 24 hours, or if you can't stay awake, just check in when you can. It starts at 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday (June 19) and featuring performances from Hanson, the Jonas Brothers, Kat Dahlia and Kate Nash, who will all join in for the first-ever "Live Music Day" festival. Grouplove will be there, and K Michelle and Ashley Monroe and the So So Glos and Langhorne Slim and Matt Nathanson... you get it... the list goes on. After all, there's 50 bands participating.

With the JoBros set to kick things off, we caught up with the band mere hours before show time. "We're really excited to be able to perform at the OMAs," Kevin said. "Twenty-hour hours of live music is really incredible and to kick it off is a huge honor and we're just happy to be a part of it. I think we're just gonna be playing some new songs as well, so if you haven't been able to come to one of the shows ... [you'll see us perform] 'First Time,' our new single and a couple others [but] we'll be playing that one, so make sure to tune in to watch."

Asked whether they had met Hanson, fellow performers and a boy band trio they've often been compared to, Kevin revealed, "We have not. I have not personally met all three of them. I would love to take a picture with the three of us and the three of them finally. We've never been able to do that. I think it'd be cool. And they've just created MMMHops," he added of the group's new beer. "I want to taste it. Hopefully, they'll have a case. On hearing that, younger brother Nick, deadpanned, they just have a case of their own beer on them at all times."

Throughout the show, some famous celebs, like Hunter Hayes, will be presenting awards like Best Artist Instagram, Favorite Musical Cat, Best Interactive Video, Too Much Ass for TV (see all the nominees in their categories on the site).

And to top everything off, Andrew W.K. will try to drum up a new world record, even if it is for Longest Drum Session in the Retail Store.

"Despite my apparent confidence, inside I am actually a very small, trembling shell of a person, who is not only intimidated, but completely mortified and horrified by the ramifications of this challenge," he said. "When I signed up for it, I was like 'Alright, 24 hours of drumming!' and then it started to set in: 24 hours of drumming. Just drumming for an hour — just drumming for 24 seconds — can be quite intense ... I can't even play one of my own songs on the drums all the way through without my arms burning.

"So let it be said, I'm not taking this lightly," he continued. "I think it will push me to the very lengths of my strengths."

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