We Need To Talk About Liam Payne’s New Tattoos

They're BIG. And BOLD. And... not finished yet?

As far as One Direction’s tattoo tally goes, it’s practically a full-time job trying to keep up with the guys’ ever-growing collection of ink (except for sweet, fresh-skinned Niall Horan, of course).

And in the case of Liam Payne, it’s safe to say his boldest, most instantly recognizable ink has always been the huge chevron pattern that takes up most of his right forearm.

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That is, until now. Because the 1D lad has apparently decided to celebrate his recent 22nd birthday with a pair of even MORE prominent tattoos… and it looks like he’s not done inking up yet.

Liam first debuted a new tattoo on his hand last week, which eagle-eyed Directioners noted during the band’s On The Road Again tour stop in Detroit. Upon close inspection, the tat appears to show a silhouette of an eagle flying in front of the sun. But in an interesting twist, there are also two empty banners on either side of the eagle.

Then, Liam was spotted leaving Rising Dragon Tattoos in New York City this week with his right forearm all bandaged up. We’ve since seen that he opted for a skull and roses design on his right forearm, with a banner that reads “we are the quiet ones.”

Hmm... could this be the start of a sleeve?!

Both new tattoos were all healed up by the time 1D hit the stage in Philadelphia on Tuesday night (Sep. 1).

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And Liam also showed off the still-fresh ink when he attended the U.S. Open in New York on Wednesday.

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Clearly, Liam needs our help in figuring out what words of phrases he should put inside those frustratingly empty banners, so please comment below with your suggestions!

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