Jesse Eisenberg Has Finally (Probably) Shaved His Head To Play Lex Luthor

The 'Batman V Superman' villain looks like he's hiding a shiny pate in this recent pic with a fan.

Ever since Jesse Eisenberg was cast as Lex Luthor in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice," there's been no shortage of questions about what he'll be like in the role -- and for many fans, no question has been more pressing than whether or not he'd shave his head to play the canonically bald villain.

Up until now, we've just had to wonder. Eisenberg himself has kept very quiet about his involvement in the film, refusing to divulge a single detail about whether a date with a razor might be in his future. But while he hasn't spoken a word about it, a fan who snagged a picture with the actor this week might just have solved the mystery.

That is not Jesse Eisenberg's hair -- or at least, it's certainly not the naturally curly mop he's sported literally every other time we've seen him. Which leaves us with two possible explanations: either Jesse has suddenly and inexplicably decided to experiment with a flat iron, or he's naked as a cue ball underneath a silly little hairpiece.

Nobody knows for sure, of course, but the smart money is on the new Luthor being an old-school bald baddie. And with filming set to continue for awhile yet, we kind of hope that Eisenberg will eventually embrace his brief freedom from follicles and ditch the wig. Those things are itchy.