Evil Empire Due From Rage Against The Machine

Before the fightin' started. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

The long awaited album from Rage Against The Machine will

be called Evil Empire and released in April. The album, recorded during

November and December, was produced by Brendan O' Brien. According to one

source, the band junked as many as 23 tracks that they had recorded with O'

Brien in Atlanta beginning in November of 1994. They allegedly fought so

violently among themselves that they briefly broke up, regrouping in June,

shortly before the KROQ Weenie Roast. In a recent interview with Kerang,

guitarist Tom Morello didn't mention anything about the mutinies. Instead he

talked calmly about the reason for the delay between albums: "Different band

members have their different interests that they've been pursuing. But

principally, the main reason for the delay between records was trying to find

the right combination of our very diverse influences that would make a record

that we were all happy with and that was great. That was a long process."

Morello revealed that he had recently written a book, explaining that "It's

twenty to thirty short biographies of important progressive, radical or

revolutionary figures who've been marginalized by the U. S. text books and who

I think are much more important here in the States than the George Washingtons

and Abraham Lincolns." And would he be talking about, oh, Patty Hearst? Huey

Newton? Eldridge Cleaver? Can't wait to read it.

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