Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Getting Her Own Reality Series

AOL series 'So Much More' will follow Laura Jane's new life, and the gender-variant people she's met along the way.

As a woman battling gender dysphoria, Laura Jane Grace spent the better part of 31 years completely alone and, in her words, "pretending to be someone else." But after laying it all out on the table and coming out as a transgender woman in a 2012 interview with Rolling Stone, the lead singer of Florida-bred punk rock group Against Me! finally feels at home.

Such is the premise behind "So Much More," Laura Jane's new AOL reality series that not only documents Laura Jane's adjustment to her new life, but also tells the stories of other gender-variant people she's met along the way. The series will follow Against Me! on their monthlong tour in support of Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

"I've met gender-variant people from all walks of life all at various points in their journey," she said in a trailer for the series. "Hearing their stories and then being able to relate myself to it is what I need right now."

It's all an effort, she says, to make people "feel like they're not alone in the world" and that "it's gonna be OK."

"Life's a transition, everyone's in transition. I'm not who I was yesterday and I'm not the person I'm going to be tomorrow. I'm just figuring out as I go along, just as everyone else is doing," she said.

Back in June of 2012, Laura Jane sat down with MTV News for her first on-camera interview since her RS interview and talked about how talking to other transgender people helped her make the bold decision to come out.

"You get to that point where you’re like, 'This isn’t something that's going away,'" she told us. "And you start hearing so many other people’s stories, and you realize, 'That's me. This is what I’m going through.' … life improves every single day. I try to make a step every single day, no matter how big or how small."

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