Will Kayla Accept Luke's 'Young And Pregnant' Proposal?

The young dad proposed on her birthday

Luke presented Kayla with a special present on her birthday: an engagement ring.

During tonight's brand-new Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant episode, the couple -- who had endured issues stemming from infidelity as well as conflict with Luke's family -- opted to celebrate with a night out (kiddos Izaiah and Ariah stayed at home with her mom).

"This dinner is Luke's attempt to get my spirits up and get me into a better head space, and I really appreciate it," Kayla stated as they were on their way to the meal, just before alluding to the abortion she documented during the last season of the MTV series. "But all I can think about right now is [that] I would have maybe been in the hospital today having a baby. Instead, I am here going out; it's just a weird place to be in."

Back to the celebratory supper: Luke arranged a romantic feast -- complete with rose petals and an "adorable" private seating arrangement. Kayla told him they needed more outings like this one because it would be good for their relationship and that "nothing worse can happen that has already happened" between them. Luke was receptive to her idea, but little did she know he had a romantic gesture up his sleeve.

When it came time for dessert, Kayla ordered ice cream -- and it came complete with an important question and a sparkling ring.

The installment ended with Kayla processing the moment and Luke on one knee. How will she respond to his "will you marry me" query -- and will they be one step closer to becoming husband and wife? Do not miss Young and Pregnant next Tuesday at 9/8c.

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