It Took Three 'Suite Life' Stars To Find 'Drake & Josh'’s Missing Walter

Walter, come home

It's been nearly six years since that tearful high school graduation scene on The Suite Life on Deck's finale, but thanks to a recent mini-reunion, we are "livin' the suite life" again.

Bailey (Debby Ryan), Woody (Matthew Timmons), and Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez (Adrian R'Mante) took a picture-perfect selfie together recently, and it's everything. The trio met up at R'Mante's Celebrity Experience, an event that allows celebrities to train young actors.

"All my celebrity friends come out to my events to support the kids," R'Mante told MTV News. "Matt is one of my closet friends and Debby and I developed a great friendship from working together on The Suite Life on Deck. That pic of us is of us having a great evening together."

Interestingly, R'Mante also solved 2017's big mystery with one picture: He found Walter. As MTV News previously wrote, Walter (Jonathan Goldstein) from Drake & Josh was "missing," according to a video posted last month in which Drake Bell said he needed help locating his TV dad.

But a photo from over the weekend proves that Walter is fine and dandy, though it's also making us demand a Suite Life/Drake & Josh crossover — think of it as "When Disney Meets Nickelodeon." R'Mante explained Goldstein was also helping out with Celebrity Experience.

Ryan and Timmons found Walter as well, and Goldstein even captioned, "What? Walter and Jessie?" Now we need that crossover, too. Timmons's selfie with Walter is a few days older than Ryan's, so we're glad to see Walter has been doing well and isn't eating out of garbage cans or scaring random people anymore.

Walter, your family misses you. If you have time to hang out with the cast of Suite Life, you have time to call your wife and kids and put their anxieties at ease. Don't be like Bruce Winchell.