'I'm Freaking Out': Can Vinny Find The Courage To Eliminate 'Double Shot''s First Female?

At the end of night one, the keto guido insisted he couldn't make a decision

Vinny is the last single cast member standing on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and he's ready to make "a real connection" once and for all. But finding a shot at love means making some "hard decisions," which was evident on the Season 3 premiere.

"I'm putting pressure on myself," he said. "I'm not here to find lust, I'm here to find love. I have to trust the process so I can potentially find my wifey."


And while he's got the help of a couple of seasoned Double Shot pros -- Pauly D and Nikki -- the sensitive Staten Islander ultimately has the final say about who stays in Scottsdale... and who goes.

"These types of situations definitely bring out the awkward in me, and I'm a little nervous right now," he confessed. "There are 17 women here just for me -- I'm freaking out."

Valid, seeing as Vinny soon found himself with a bloody nose faced with an array of diverse personalities, from a long-time Jersey Shore fan to a potential "clout chaser."


No matter. He was still "blown away by the first impressions," and all it took was doing the worm (thanks, Kortni!) for his anxiety to settle. Then, before he knew it, it was time -- one of the women had to go home. Cue all of the indecision in the history of dating shows and Vinny openly questioning his "douchebag" status: "What if I make the wrong decision? Of course there were some that I didn't have a connection with, but what if I might down the line? I just got here. I do not want to make a decision to send anyone home right now."

Following a seriously long silence (awk-ward!), Vinny pulled a producer aside.

"I feel crazy right now," he said.

Will all of the ladies get another shot? And more importantly, will Vinny need to pocket Kortni's press-on nails during their coffee date? Sound off, then catch the next episode Thursday at 9/8c!

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