Miley Cyrus Is Getting Her Own Comic Book: Get A Sneak Peek

'Fame: Miley Cyrus' documents her life from her upbringing in Tennessee to the superstar she is today.

Miley Cyrus has a hell of a story, and now, we're going to see it in print.

The pop superstar is getting her own comic book, as part of Bluewater Productions' Fame series, set for release this week.


The story starts, naturally, with her history-making performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Ya know, the one when she violated Robin Thicke for all the world to see. From there, it looks back at her upbringing in Tennessee and her journey from "Hannah Montana" to the irreverent, hotdog-riding star that she is today.

Fame: Miley Cyrus, written by Michael L. Frizell and drawn by Juan Luis Rincón, will be available in both print and digital formats.


"I wanted to do something different with this story," Frizell said in a press release on Thursday (August 14). "Miley is tabloid fodder, but why? Many childhood stars have remade themselves. Sadly, many female artists tend to go the ‘sex kitten’ route to prove they’re adults and worthy of a legit career. All musicians need to remake themselves to stay relevant."

He continued: "Christina Aguilera managed the transition successfully, but I think many people were expecting Miley to go the way of Brittney Spears and totally melt down in public. Thus, I thought it would be interesting to have the adult Miley confront her childhood and perhaps coax us to understand the reasoning behind her artistic choices. It remains to be seen whether she’ll be seen as more than a child star, despite her successful tours and album sales."

Print copies are available here for $3.99, while the special edition is available for $9.99.