See This Not That: 'Breakin' 2' Over 'Taken 2'

This week, two films that are sequels and rhyme go up against each other, because why the hell not? One is about breakdancers being badass and the other is about Liam Neeson being badass.

Oof. This is gonna be a tough one.

See: "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo"

Second: It's about breakdancers who band together to stop a community rec center from being torn down. That is the *actual* plot.

Third: Its poster.


Fifth: Ice-T reprises his role as "Rap Talker."

Sixth: Armond White called it "superb"

Seventh: Character names include Ozone and Turbo.

Eighth: There is a dance number in a hospital.

Ninth: You need an ninth reason!?! Why haven't you rented this already?!? Also, the entire movie is on YouTube, so you really have no reason to not be watching now and drinking every time someone spins or there is a close up of brightly colored sneakers. Still not convinced. Guys. A lyric in the main song is "Electric Boogaloo's the greatest, nothing can compete, and once you've seen this movie, you'll believe in the beat." That says it all.

Not: "Taken 2"

After thinking about "Breakin' 2" for so long, thinking about "Taken 2" is just so….underwhelming.

After 2008's "Taken" took the movie world by surprise by officially turning Liam Neesom into an action star and killing at the box office, it was only a matter of time before some idiot somewhere pushed for a sequel. Naturally, the second attempt was nowhere near the level of the first. While its box office was still unnaturally strong, the film was ripped apart by critics, ending up with a measly 21% on Rotten Tomatoes and called lazy, dumb, and cheesy. Yikes.

In this follow up, Neeson returns as retired CIA agent Bryan Mills, this time saving his ex-wife (Famke Janssen) who has been taken hostage, with the help of first movie kidnapping victim, daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). The whole thing feels rather old hat at this point, leaning more towards boring than exhilarating. One can only hope that the inevitable third installment in this series actually figures out an interesting story to tell, rather than relying on Neeson's badassery to carry an entire film.

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