Will The Atom Go From 'Arrow' To 'The Flash'?

Routh fills us in on the Atom, his powers, and - of course - Felicity.

["Arrow" season premiere spoilers ahead!]

Last week on "Arrow," the sudden death of Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) might have distracted some viewers from the introduction of Ray Palmer, a newcomer played by former big-screen Superman Brandon Routh. However, on tonight's (October 15) episode, "Sara," no one will be able to deny this charming stranger's existence -- because he's coming straight for our girl Felicity (Emily Rickards), whether we (and Oliver) like it or not.

"I continue to pursue Felicity to hire her," Routh told MTV News over the phone. "She's the best tech brain in the city, or maybe even further than that. I definitely had my eyes on her from the beginning -- coming to Tech Village for the first time, not necessarily knowing anything about what she looks like. [It was] just about her brain and her abilities and skills. I continue to do that, but once I see her and meet her, maybe it becomes a dual purpose. But at the forefront I need her skills for my plans, as I continue to try to make them happen. And Ray Palmer tends to get what he wants."

As for what Ray's plans truly are, of course Routh couldn't say much -- only that he has one, that he also has "a past," and that at least part of the charming front he puts on is legit. However, Routh also said that a Ray Palmer flashback episode might be in the cards.

"From the beginning, when I met with Marc [Guggenheim] and Andrew [Kreisberg], they mentioned that they were thinking of doing a flashback episode all about Ray, or just about the day that something happened in his life at the same time that it happened in other characters' lives," Routh continued.

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Hold the phone -- did he just say "the day that something happened in his life at the same time it happened in other characters' lives?" Yes, he did. And we can't help but speculate that he might be talking about the day that a certain accident at S.T.A.R. Labs turned Barry Allen into the Flash, since we all know that DC Comics' Ray Palmer moonlights as the Atom. However, he could also be talking about the attack from Deathstroke, since it's unlikely that Palmer's shrinking-powers will be revealed, unless (or until?) he takes a trip to Central City.

"Marc said that if the shrinking was going to happen, it's more likely to be on 'The Flash,'" Routh continued. "But I have no knowledge of a crossover or any of that. 'Arrow' is very grounded in reality, so nobody really has any powers. That is a challenging thing, to have you bring a character like the Atom in, with his trademark thing being that he shrinks."

It's a challenge for sure, but a challenge that the show will hopefully surmount. Routh, for one, is a believer.

"They have a plan [for Ray's powers], I just don’t know all of it because I am a silly actor and I tend to run my mouth just like other silly actors, so they don't tell us everything," he said. "But just because he’s not shrinking doesn't mean that he might not be doing something else, or be involved in some other kind of superhero-y way. I know that there is some type of suit thing happening, though I'm not at liberty to discuss much. But it looks cool, and I would be happy to wear it."

Maybe the suit will help woo Felicty away from the Flash, who she will be visiting (and kissing) in two weeks. Routh said that -- as of press time -- Ray Palmer had no idea that Felicity was being wooed by Allen. Or by Oliver Queen, for that matter.

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"As far as we are in the scripts, there's no knowledge of her going [to Central City]," Routh continued. "As mysterious as Ray is, she's mysterious to him... I don't know anything about her back story. I have no knowledge of her working with the Arrow, I have no knowledge of her and Oliver as a relationship, or any of that. But as Brandon Routh, I'm like, 'What? Come on -- Oliver, and Barry, and Ray? Come on.' She's a hot commodity. But it's all good – as long as she’s honest with everybody. Or is she? [Laughs]"

Now, Olicity fans, before you start hounding Routh (or us) on Twitter, know that we're here for you -- and that Routh is pretty well-versed in dealing with shippers.

"I was thrown into that with Chuck and Sarah [on 'Chuck'] a few years back," Routh said. "I understand the love, and I don't want to do any harm -- or as little harm as I can. I accept that it's part of the job, and I can take the backlash if there is any. I just try to make Ray as charming as possible, so that even if you hate him, you love to hate him."

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